L.A. Day 10 – Writer Phil Klemmer, ratings milestones

It was another great day! After I said “hello” to Kevin Mock and Scott Pellet, Ali Adler took me around to meet some of the writers I hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. Ali “voluntold” them that they must have interviews on the podcast — because everyone else has!

And guess what else I found out today?  Ali is Canadian!  Her IMDB profile incorrectly says she was born in the US, and I guess it never came up in our podcast interview.  I’ve told her that when she comes to visit family in Toronto that she simply must come over for dinner.

Then it was time for lunch with Phil Klemmer.  He gave up a free sushi meal to dine with me at the WB commissary.  We drove over in one of the fun WB golf carts, and walked past Clint Eastwood’s car to get to the cafeteria.

I hope you’re not tired of me saying this by now…  he paid for my meal, and is a super nice guy.  I know, I know, that’s the way I describe all the people I meet here…  but it’s the honest truth.  We talked about our kids, living in L.A., Chuck’s future prospects, our favorite shows, and all sorts of stuff in between.

After visiting Warner Bros, I turned my attention toward my pitch to become a full time podcaster, as described in my previous blog post.  I posted a call for votes at chuckpodcast.com and on this blog, and sent out a few emails.  Guess what?  We have already hit bigger milestones than ever before — #1 in the TV & Film category (usually we don’t beat all the film ones), and #7 overall out of 69,000 podcasts worldwide.  Thanks so much for your votes!  And please keep them coming, because I’ll need as high a rating as possible when I present my pitch to WB.

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Graham “Gray” Jones is a TV editor / writer located in Toronto, Canada. He hosts the TV Writer Podcast, partner of Script Magazine.

2 thoughts on “L.A. Day 10 – Writer Phil Klemmer, ratings milestones”

  1. HA! Ali Addler is Canadian! That explains everthing! No wonder that she is not only one of the show’s best writers but also one of its most open and friendly. I had a feeling I tell you!

    Ali you do us fellow Canucks proud.

    PS – Gray if and when Ali comes over for dinner could you set an extra spot? BTW – I do do dishes. 😉

  2. I am surprised you guys didn’t know she was Canadian. Though, she is as Canadian as I am Icelandic. The US of A is where it is at. 🙂

    Now, to push the podcast to #1!

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