L.A. Day 12 – Podcast Awards nominations open!

My time with Zac’s agent unfortunately fell through, as many appointments here do…  She’s being very helpful, though, and is giving me input on my pitch.

I had another down day, so after church and a yummy lunch of chicken wings, I decided to get my suitcases packed up so I will have less to do on my busy Monday and Tuesday.

Ratings update…  we’re currently #6 overall (all categories) out of 69,000 podcasts worldwide, thanks to you!

Our next task is the Podcast Awards — nominations open today, and we could definitely use your nomination and your vote!  A win in this contest will help both my pitch and also my U.S. visa application.

To nominate us, please click here and carefully follow the instructions.  DO NOT nominate us for both Best Produced and People’s Choice, as that will disqualify your nomination.  Take your pick of the two — by the time everyone has nominated, I’m sure we’ll have nominations in both.  You can also nominate us for ONE sub-category — i.e. one of the top two, and one additional category.  You only get to submit the form once.  Lastly, please quote the name of the podcast as exactly “Chuck vs the Podcast” (i.e. no period after the “vs”).


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Gray Jones

Graham “Gray” Jones is a TV editor / writer located in Toronto, Canada. He hosts the TV Writer Podcast, partner of Script Magazine.

2 thoughts on “L.A. Day 12 – Podcast Awards nominations open!”

  1. I nominated you in one category and Chuck You Tuesday in another. Good luck! Will be checking in after work today (darn firewalls at work!) and wish you luck today.

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